1. General

    • How do I get started? Do I have to install any software in my computer?
      Getting started is as easy as, Register>Sign-in>Type>Send. With the 20 credits you get FREE on sign-up, take a tour of keepsmsing.com, and send and receive messages. keepsmsing.com is a web-based application. All you need is a computer and a net connection. No software needs to get installed on your computer.

    • Do I have to pay any subscription fee to use the keepsmsing.com service?
      No, you don’t have to pay anything as subscription fee for using the service. You only need to buy credits to pay for your messages.

    • Can I send SMS to a mobile number outside India?
      Yes, you can send SMSs to mobile numbers outside India, But the charges will vary from country to country.

    • What is the length of a single SMS? What happens if my message exceeds the limit?
      A single SMS has a character limit of 160 characters. If your message exceeds the limit, an alert is shown on the screen when you click on submit button. If you click OK then its comprises of 2 messages. This message will count for 2 or more SMS Credits (depending on the length of your message) and you will be charged correspondingly.

    • How many mobile numbers can I send a message at the same time?
      There is no limit to the number of mobile numbers you can send a message at the same time.

    • Can I send multiple messages at a time, to different mobile numbers?
      Yes, you can select "Upload file" option on and upload a Microsoft Excel Sheet with mobile numbers in column B only and corresponding messages in the next column. With this you should be able to send multiple messages to multiple recipients, in a single instant. A sample file format is also provided on Compose page for your reference.

    • Are APIs available for keepsmsing.com services?
      Yes, keepsmsing.com APIs are available for the following services:
          1.     Compose Messages
          2.     View Replies
          3.     Delivery Reports

      For further information, please contact info@keepsmsing.com

    • Can I send multimedia messages from keepsmsing.com?
      Currently, keepsmsing.com doesn't support sending multimedia messages.

    • How many mobile numbers can I send a message at the same time?
      The number of mobile numbers to which a message can be sent will always depend on the credits available in your account.

    • How can I purchase keepsmsing.com credits?
      You can purchase keepsmsing.com credits online through Manage accounts > Add credits > enter the quantity and click on Submit.

    • What documents are required for getting a sender ID?
      Send us a duly signed and stamped letter from a signing authority of your company or organization.

    • Can my keepsmsing.com account expire?
      If your account is not accessed for 1 year, you will no longer be able to use it. An alert will be sent to your email address/ mobile number at the end of 6 months.

    • How do I check price & validity period of SMS credit value?
      Click on Profile and all the details will be displayed on the screen page.

  2. Credit Details

    • What are credits?
      Credits are the currency you use to pay for the messages send to your mailing list.
          1 Credit = 1 SMS/ Recipient
      Always ensure you have sufficient credit balance before sending out a message.

    • How will I know my credit status?
      Your credit balance will always be displayed on the screen whenever you login to your account. Click on profile button the remaining credits will be shown.

    • How do I buy more credits?
      Simply Click on Manage Accounts > Add Credits > mention the quantity > click on submit.

    • I have 450 credits that will expire in 4 days. If I buy more credits, will the validity of my credit balance be carried over to the new expiry date?
      No, the validity of your credit balance will not be extended. You will receive expiry alerts before the date of expiry and you must consume your credits before expiry date.

  3. Sender ID

    • What is a Sender ID?
      A Sender ID identifies the sender of the message on the recipient's mobile phone. Your unique Sender ID must be alphanumeric. Requests for unique Sender IDs are approved only after an authentication process.

    • How do I create a unique Sender ID?
      Place a request for a new Sender ID on the 'Manage Sender ID' – enter the sender id to be created and the purpose carefully – click on submit. Read the instructions carefully before submitting your request for a Sender ID. Your Sender ID will be activated only after an authentication process.

    • How long will it take for you to approve my Sender ID request?
      The authentication and approval process of your Sender ID request will take maximum 1 working day.

    • Will I be charged for my unique Sender ID?
      No, you will not be charged for your unique Sender ID.

    • How do I send a message?
      Click on Send SMS > choose from the dropdown menu – Single SMS / Group SMS > Select the Sender ID > type the message > type the mobile nos/select the group > click on submit.

  4. Index

    • Will my message be delivered immediately?
      You can choose to schedule your message or send instantly :
          1.  Select Send SMS > Schedule SMS to schedule the delivery of your message. Set the date/time and click on Send
          2.  To send your message instantly, select Single SMS, Group SMS, File SMS.

  5. Sent items

    • How do I check my Sent Messages?
      You can track your Sent Messages in the Sent Items folder.

    • How can I be sure my message has been delivered?
      Please visit " Sent Items " folder to get a detailed report of messages that have been delivered. Select the date from and to. The entire report will be generated.

  6. User accounts

    • What is 'My Account'?
      This is the place where you can monitor the status of your account for credits and reply number(s) purchased. Find the total number of credits in balance, credits used for sent messages, credits purchased, cost, date of purchase and validity, as well as bonus credits earned on the replies you received. Track the history of your Reply Number(s) including cost, date of purchase and validity. Download a detailed report for viewing later.